A web site is very personal.  It lets everyone know what you or your company has to offer.  With this in mind, every web site is different from another.  The number of images to the number of web pages to get your product across are different from another's.  Due to these differences, prices for webs vary from one to another.  How to design your web site, click here for some designs tips, I will listen to your needs and make suggestions, but the final look is your decision.

A basic web site that needs just to be updated (a majority of the text, images and graphics are already created) will start at $300.00. 

A new web site will start around $500.00 (this price doesn't includes software or web hosting cost).  This an average 6 to 10 pages of information and around 24 images and graphics, plus instruction of how to maintain your site and make changes (either in person if local or via the phone/e-mail).

The easiest to use software for your site will created on is Microsoft's FrontPage.  FrontPage allows many bells and whistles to be added to your site.  Expression Web also makes maintaining your site easier to do yourself, also to help reduce your costs of owning and promoting your own web site. 

If you are looking for per page pricing - new pages are on average $35.00,
updating (no programming change only text) current page on average $10.00 each.

Send me an e-mail or give me a call and I will give you a personalized quote!


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